Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program calendar for Fall 2020?

LIFE READY is a 15-week long semester starting on September 8th and ending on December 18th, which includes a one-week holiday break for Thanksgiving.

When can I apply?

Now! Applications are open.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, $40.

What is the application process?

At LIFE READY we value life stories and want to learn what makes you tick. Our goal is to create a community of curious, reflective, and industrious fellows. No SAT/ ACT scores. No essays. Don't send them. We won't read them. We are interested in learning about the REAL you. Therefore, beyond our intake, our application has a choice of three prompts that you can choose from that allow us to learn more about you as a person. You can answer in a short paragraph or with a 3-minute video shot right from your phone. Upload! Done! We will be accepting Fellows on a rolling basis. You will learn if you have been accepted into the program within two weeks of your application.

How many students will LIFE READY accept for Fall 2020?

LIFE READY will initially accept 300 Fellows. Recent surveys show that an estimated 10 million students will defer this Fall. We encourage applicants to apply as early as possible. We anticipate filling all available seats within the first month of applications.

What is the tuition?

$2,999. (Note: this was initially planned to be $5,000 and the MTG team has been able to make the programming more efficient thus passing along these savings to the Fellows.)

Is financial aid offered?

At this time for Fall 2020 there will not be financial aid being made available from Mind The Gap. However in the future we do anticipate this option so please check back often or contact us at any time with any questions.

What time commitment will it require?

Fellows should expect to spend 4 hours a day on their LIFE READY work and challenges across all three areas: MTG Coach, MTG Life Hacks and MTG Next. Daily there will be live contact between Groups as collaborative work is essential to the program's design. Some of these sessions will include your life coach or Learning Facilitator. While much of the program can be done on your own timetable there will be scheduled live video conferencing times. But don't worry, we are data-based educators and we know that SLEEP plays a big role in your development right now. No live sessions begin before 10AM.

What will my Group be like?

Your Group will be students aged between 17-22 years old who like you are looking to invest in their future . Your specific Group members will be from your time zone, but we expect to have fellows from across the nation.

Will LIFE READY be social?

We are working hard to make sure that LIFE READY is your opportunity to connect and “play” with peers. Every evening we will have optional programming from trivia to social hours. We already have some exciting clubs geared up for the fall. They include everything from book clubs to gamer teams. We welcome your passion and interests. All a club needs is a member to get it started! What will you bring to the LIFE READY program?

Will there be in-person LIFE READY option for the fall of 2020?

As a program devoted to helping students (not adding to their burdens), we will not be offering an in-person program. Instead we are creating a semester that we know can be successful in the “new normal.” We hope to open our MTG New York City house in Fall 2022. Closely followed by Miami, LA, Austin, etc. Stay tuned!